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March / July 2018: Voiceovers at Bewegte Bilder Medien GmbH (Tübingen) for a series of beautifully shot documentaries on the deltas of some of the world’s major rivers. The adaptation and dubbing for international markets was entrusted to the Tübingen studios as established specialists in the field.

ROV Hook

October 2017: In subsea lifting and lowering operations, the load may be lost or damaged due to accidental opening of hooks operated by ROVs – remotely operated underwater vehicles.  To avert this risk the Aalen-based RUD company developed a new ROV hook with a novel safety latch.  For the product video produced by IMAGO Medien of Ellwangen, with superb animated sequences, I contributed the English script and commentary.  


In February 2017, Business Media Art of Frankfurt began producing monthly videos for digital asset managers Werthstein of Zurich. Werthstein specialises in investment opportunities in current economic, technological and social trends.  Besides translating the interviews, I recorded voiceovers in both languages and the English commentaries.

Flow of Nature (Ça coule de source)

November 2016: SEPPIA Film of Strasbourg produces a teaser for a documentary on the Rhine Valley ecosystem.  These precious wetlands purify our water and are essential to the food chain.  Yet they are threatened by invasive species like the muskrat, and at serious risk due to intensive farming and irrigation.  It was a pleasure to contribute the English text and voice recording for this important production.



Early in 2016 I translated and recorded the commentary script for a remarkable documentary. 

July 1950: Just after the Second World War there are no steelworks in the fledgling German Democratic Republic(GDR). A foundry complex is built some 30 km south of Frankfurt/Oder — the Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost, or EKO. With iron ore from the Soviet Union and coal from Poland, it will meet the young state’s needs for iron and steel.

And to house the workforce, a new town adjacent to the works is planned, complete with all social amenities.

“Eisenhüttenstadt — the first Socialist Town on German Soil” is an unprecedented documentation of the original construction, continuous expansion, later decline and subsequent painstaking restoration of many of the buildings in this unique town, many of them meanwhile listed.  The documentary was filmed by local videographer Tilo Schönherr.  The English version was published in March 2016.


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