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“Video Booklet”

In late August 2015, Frankfurt-based film-makers Business Media Art produced a video for Capgemini, a global market leader in IT consultancy and IT solutions.  The video was the content of a “video-booklet” — a succinct presentation of Capgemini and its services for a potential major new client.  GW wrote the storyboard for the one-take production, which was shot at Capgemini’s offices in Strasbourg with actor Helge Sidow in the role of presenter. 

Search for Traces — Clean Ground Water for Stuttgart 

As the source of Europe’s second-largest mineral water reserves, the ground water beneath the city of Stuttgart is immensely important.  But it’s under threat from pollution, because until the 1970s carcinogenic solvents — volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons — were disposed of carelessly by industry and large-scale laundries in the city.  In the early 1980s, pollutants were found in a mineral water spring.  Decades of research followed to find the points of origin of the pollution.  On behalf of Stuttgart’s Environmental Protection Authority, SCHAWA media GmbH produced two films on the search for traces and the remediation plan to save the ground water.  In 2015, as voiceover artist and translator, GW played a key role in the production of the English versions of these fascinating ‘detective documentaries.’

Magic and the CIA

America in the early 1950s: the CIA, still in its infancy, resorts to unusual methods in order to spy on the Soviet Union.  In his exciting documentary film “John Mulholland — Truth and Magic” first televised in May 2015, director Alexander Landsberger tells how the American star magician was commissioned by the CIA to write an “Agents’ Manual” … one of the best-kept secrets of the Cold War.  I was chosen as narrator for the English version.


The small Bavarian town of Weissenhorn is home to PERI GmbH.  PERI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding.  In May 2015, a short video was produced on the “UNO” formwork system, which is specially designed for the monolithic construction method.  Light alloy components and extremely simple assembly of the panels are impressive features — the only tools needed are a hammer and a 19 mm ratchet wrench! The video was produced with German and English soundtracks.  I was commissioned to translate the commentary script into English and record it. 

Mille Miglia (April 2015)

Vintage motor sport has a fascination all its own: a special exhibition in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart documents the key role played by Mercedes racing manager Alfred Neubauer in achieving success for the brand in the 23rd Mille Miglia in 1955.  The legendary English driver Stirling Moss won the race for Mercedes.  I recorded the English dub of Alfred Neubauer’s voice.

“Pegasus” Project (Started March 2015)

Strassacker Art Foundry of Süssen near Stuttgart was commissioned by an American billionaire to cast the largest bronze horse in the world.  Two films were made to document the creation of this gigantic sculpture.  The short version can be viewed here. I contributed the English voiceover scripts and recordings. 


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